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Out now is Sore One's latest album, "Basically Basic," available for free download on Bandcamp. Check out the track, "Feeling," produced by Adamatic: Feeling

Out now, two tracks from Bukue One's latest album, "The Black Fletch," remixed by Adamatic. Free download: Bukue One, "The Black Fletch (Adamatic Remixes)"

Check out this review of MKV and Adamatic's lastest single: "Letting Go," review

A new single from MKV & Adamatic entitled, "Letting Go," is out now and available for free download. Deep, thought provoking hip-hop: Letting Go (free download)

To celebrate one year since since MKV & Adamatic released their debut collaborative album there is now a re-release that is available for free download. "Changes (Deluxe Edition)," features all the tracks from the original release along with a bonus track and a bonus remix. Grab the free download here: Changes (Deluxe Edition) Download

In honor of the re-release of MKV & Adamatic's debut album, "Changes (Deluxe Edition)," check out the new video for the single, "Joy and Pain": Joy and Pain Video

It's just been confirmed that, "Dreaming (Remix) (feat. Kara Falck)," from Stone Kawala & Adamatic's new album, "The Switch EP," will be in rotation on SiriusXM Radio's Chill channel. You can also give a listen to the track here: Dreaming (Remix)

Out now on all major music download sites is the new colaborative project from Stone Kawala & Adamatic. This album was co-produced by both artists, and features a sound that is a blend of pop, hip-hop, trip-hop, Baltimore club, and go-go. The album feature singing, mc'ing, guest vocalist, and live and sequenced instrumentation. Be sure to give a listen in the audio section, and then head to Get Music to pick up the album. Thanks for the support.

Adamatic's brand new Bandcamp page is up and running. Plenty of free and cheap music available including some of Adamatic's instrumental albums, colab projects with MC's and singers, and remixes. Check back to the page for upcoming promo offeres and free projects in the coming months:
Adamatic on Bandcamp

Check out the brand new, lead single, "I Want You and I Need You," off of Stone Kawala & Adamatic's upcoming album, "The Switch EP.":
"I Want You and I Need You (feat. Stevie Soul)"

Adamatic has completed the Del the Funky Homosapien remixes, and they are now available for free download. Feel free to download, share, and spread around the web:
Del x Adamatic - The Remixes

Check out this review of MKV & Adamatic's debut album, "Changes" on Kevin Nottingham's site: "Changes," Album Review

Adamatic was recently given the opportunity to receive some acapellas from Del the Funky Homosapien to do his thing with and come up with some fresh remixes. There are four tracks in all, and as they are completed they will be posted up all over the web, and they will be available for free download. Stay tuned for more details.

Check out legendary Cali MC Ellay Khule performing "Get'N Bizzy," produced by Adamatic, at this year's Paid Dues festival (3:07 into the video): Get'N Bizzy

The talented MC and singer Nite N Dae has just released her brand new album, "Electric Flowers." Adamatic has produced the track, "Arachnoidal," from the album. Head over to the audio page to give a listen, and download the the track here: Arachnoidal

Out now on all major music download sites is the first collaborative effort from MKV & Adamatic entitled, "Changes."
The album features MKV's meaningful, personal, and uplifting lyrics, which are expertly laid on top of Adamatic's signature style of hip-hop production, which tends to be deep, melodic, and electronic influenced. Check out some tracks on the audio page, and then go grab the album on the buy music page. Enjoy and thanks for the support.

The next in Adamatic's instrumental hip-hop album series, "Instrumentals for the Mental Vol. 3," is out now on all major music download sites. Head over to the audio page to listen to some tracks from the album, and then hit the buy music page for links to download the album. Enjoy and thanks for the support!

Out now is Menacin Johnson's new album, "Brand New Headsets Vol. Two," featuring, "Hear Me Now Remix," produced by Adamatic. Head over to the audio section to check the track, and the releases page to pick up the album.

Check out one of Adamatic's beats being used in the promo video for Silver City Productions (a film/video production company out of Silver Spring, MD): http://vimeo.com/47346012

Adamatic and Lucid Music member MKV have teamed up to create a dope new track, "Changes," with MKV on the vocals and Adamatic on the production. The track is available for free download here: Changes Look for more MKV & Adamatic colabs in the near future.

Progressive hip-hop group, The Trees, now have their debut album, "Man Can Change," up on Pandora. Head over to their site, and search for the album name. The album was mixed and produced by Adamatic, and is available on all major download sites as well.

Out now on Acid Lab Records is their compilation album, "ALR Elite." It features a variety of tracks from several super dope MC's. Tracks produced by Adamatic include Olmeca's, "Know Your Foundation," and Express Fresh's, "Outside," both previously released on their own solo albums. Download the album for free: ALR Elite

The hip-hop group that Adamatic is part of, and who his is producing the debut album for, The Trees, have just released their first video for the lead single off the album, "Man Can Change." Have a look at the video: Man Can Change Video

Out now is legendary, underground, LA MC, Ellay Khule's new album, "Holy Scriptures," completely produced and mixed by Adamatic. Head over to the Audio section of the site to check out some tracks, and then head here to pick up the album: Ellay Khule, "Holy Scriputures"

The progressive hip-hop group Adamatic is producing, The Trees, now has our debut album, "Man Can Change," available for CD pre-order. Thanks for the support: "Man Can Change" CD Pre-Order

Check out the new video for LA based MC, Express Fresh. It's for his track, "Outside," off of his, "Tony Boy," album. Beat produced by Adamatic: "Outside" Video

New on in the Contact section is a link to Adamatic's official YouTube page. Connect with Adamatic on YouTube to see exclusive videos and listen to the latest Adamatic productions. Watch for a new video from Adamatic's progessive hip-hop group The Trees, coming soon!

Out now is the next in Adamatic's series of instrumental hip-hop releases, "Instrumentals for the Mental Vol. 2." This album offers more of Adamatic's deep, melodic, electronic influenced, instrumental hip-hop sound. Be sure to check out some of the tracks in the Audio section, and then pop over to the Buy Music page to pick up the album from all major music download sites.

Upcoming Adamatic projects for 2011: In early 2011 Adamatic will be releasing the second in his series of instrumental albums. This latest will be, "Instrumentals for the Mental Vol. 2," which promises more of Adamatic's signature laid-back, electronic influenced hip-hop. Also slated for release in the late spring of 2011 is the debut album from hip-hop group The Trees. This group consists of Stone Kawla (Singer/Songwriter/MC), Apuat (MC), and Adamatic (producer). The album is entitled, "Man Can Change," and is some seriously thought provoking hip-hop. Beyond these projects, look for Adamatic's production popping up on upcoming release by MC's in LA, NYC, and London. Check back to the site for all release dates as they draw closer.

Out now on all major music download sites is the new collaboration album between Gmac + Adamatic called, "Sanity Plea." Gmac does all the mc'ing and singing, while Adamatic supplies the beats. The sound of the album is truly unique and original. Gmac's vocals range from deep and insightful, to upbeat and comedic. Adamatic's production is mellow, electronic influenced hip-hop. Head over to the Audio page to give a listen, and then to the Buy Music page to grab the album if you dig what you hear.

After spending serveral years living in the NYC area, then several years living out in LA, Adamatic is now relocating and settling back to his home area of Baltimore. He will be setting up the studio and banging out plenty of new music from his new homebase. Stay tuned for plenty of new, upcoming releases from Adamatic in 2011.

8/17 /10:
Lucid Music's new album, "Adventures of the Invisible Band Redux," is out now on Bomb Hip-Hop Records. Adamatic has done a fresh remix for the project, "Instant Love (Adamatic Remix). Head over to the Audio section to give a listen, then hit the releases page for the iTunes link to pick up the album.

New music posted up today. NJ-based MC Gmac and Adamatic are wrapping up a new colaboration album: Gmac + Adamatic present: "Sanity Plea." The album will be released late in 2010, but the two brand new track posted up are a little preview of the sound and style of the album. Fresh, original material. Check it.

Brand new music just posted up on the Audio page, including two tracks Adamatic produced for Open Mike Eagle's new album, "Unapologetic Art Rap," which is out now on Mush Records. The tracks are "Freak Flag," and "Go Home," which features Mike's crew the Swim Team. Head over and give a listen.

Been a little while since an update, but there's a ton of music in store for the remainder of 2010 from Adamatic (including a new instrumental album, two full albums with MC/singers produced by Adamatic, and other Adamatic beats poppin' up on some talented MC's album). In the meantime...back in 2008 Adamatic produced several tracks on Gajah's album, "Hair Off My Chest." One of the tracks was called, "Harry Shoeman," and Gajah recently had a dope video shot for the track. (the beginning and end segments of the vid are the Adamatic, "Harry Shoeman" beat, while the middle is a interlude not produced by Adamatic). Check it: Harry Shoeman Video

New year and plenty of new music in the works. Just released is LA based MC Express Fresh's new full length album, "Tony Boy," which was entirely produced, recorded, and mixed by Adamatic. The album is available now from all major download sites. Also be on the look out for Adamatic's production popping up on new projects from UK MC's Metis and Talent, a dope MC from NJ, Gmac, a newly formed group The Trees, and plenty of other talented lyrists. Finally, the "Instrumentals for the Mental," series will continue, with volume 2 being released in the spring. Stay tuned for details on all of these upcoming 2010 releases.

Adamatic has begun releasing a new series of instrumental hip-hop albums entitled, "Instrumentals for the Mental." The first album in this series ("Instrumentals for the Mental Vol. 1") is available now for digital download from most major download sites. Head over to the Audio section to hear some samples, and then hit the Buy Music page for links to several download sites.

Adamatic just wrapped up a remix of Michael Jackon's, "Remember the Time." Bomb Hip-Hop is a label out of San Fran that has been running Price vs. Michael club events for 7 years now in a variety of west coast cities. Bomb Hip-Hop is now getting together a remix project to go along with the events, and this remix will appear on the project. The track has been getting some real positive feedback on it. Head over to the audio section and give a listen.

Adamatic's new full length, instrumental hip-hop album is now complete. It is the first in a series of instrumental albums Adamatic will be releasing digitally. This first one is, "Instrumentals for the Mental Vol. 1." The album is currently available for digital download from CD Baby (head over to the Buy Music section of the site and click on the CD Baby logo). In the coming weeks the album will be available on all of the major download sites including iTunes. Stay tuned for that release date. Also, you can check out some audio from the album now in the Audio section of the site. Enjoy!

Brand new music up in the audio section. There's two new beats off of Adamatic's most recent beat demo CD. There's also two tracks off of Express Fresh's upcoming album, "Tony Boy," for which Adamatic handled all of the production. Check out, "Know Basis," with a dope guest verse by Gajah (of Acid Reign). Lastly, there's a Menacin Johnson track called, "Long Road," produced by Adamatic, which is one of the lead singles off his upcoming album. This track features an insane scratch outro by DJ Ethos. MJ also did a video for the track that you can check out here: Menacin Johnson's "Long Road" video. Enjoy all the new sounds.

Some new updates to the site here to point out. First, the "Audio" section of the site now has a music player built right in, so you can head straight to that page to check out the latest tracks Adamatic has been producing. Second, Adamatic now has a ReverbNation page that can be accessed by heading over to the "Contact" page. Also new on the "Contact" page is the ability to sign up for the Adamatic newsletter. This will keep you up on upcoming artist releases that Adamatic has produced, as well as upcoming instrumental releases from Adamatic. Lastly, you'll notice the new "Buy Music" page. Although there's nothing up there right now, in the coming months there will be links directing you to all of the major music purchasing sites, where you'll be able to pick up releases that Adamatic produced, including work with vocalists/MC's, and a new series of instrumental albums that he'll be releasing. Enjoy the updates!